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 This is my web hosting service. After going through a few other ones...I can say that they have their act together, great service, easy to use, and its at a good price. Some of there benefits are a Web Builder with over 10,000 templates, $50 Overture credit awarded to all new customers, free site transfer service, private domain registration.

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Cold FuZion Studios is currently producing a Manga based comic book called “Victory” with Image Central. Check out their site for some cool art.Make sure to download some of the excellent wallpapers!!!!!
 Shane Glines Drawing Board....A great site where some of the  top artists around  meet to post painting and illustrations.
Home of Gary Ham. I first saw his work on Shane Glines drawing board and was just blown away. Gary is one fine artist and an all around nice guy too. Gary's a big inspiration for me. Every time I see a Superham picture it makes me want to do better myself. You owe it to yourself to check his site out....stop reading already and click the link!!!!!
Savagefrog is Paul Davies & Co.  Paul and I hooked up through Shane Glines drawing board and have done a little bit of collaboration together. As happy as I am to call Paul a collaboration partner, I'm more happy to have gotten to know him as a friend. Paul has so much talent and I respect him and his ability a ton. Count Paul as another influence on my current work...and for that I owe him a big thanks.
Brandstudio...aka...Alberto Ruiz...aka....Dr. Cyberfunken. Alberto is another huge influence from Shane Glines drawing board. He is a wonderful guy and a fantastic artist. I greatly admire his skills and strive to be as good as he is. If you ever wanted to see Illustrator pushed to its limits check out Dr.C's site. Oh...and I have two of his works hanging in my home...and they are soooooo sweet!!!!!
Founded by Neil Hooson Point Blank Studios is home to some wonderful art. Neil is another fantastic illustrator and good guy I bumped into at Shane's drawing board. His work always makes me smile and fills me with awe. Neil has this fantastic ability to inject just the right amount of humor and whimsy into his art. Check out the projects section of his web site to see the talent the great country of Canada has to offer.
Another one of Shane's regulars, this is Paige Pooler's wonderful site. I hate to use the word cute...but her illustration's are soooo cute. She has this beautiful style that cries out to be seen in children's books. Make sure to check out the "snapshot" section of her site. Paige has also given me great advice and words to live by...most notably..."Don't eat chili and pie at one sitting"
celia calle. I don't even know where to begin....She is too talented for words to capture.
Just go visit the site.

An up and coming web designer and all around graphic goddess!!!

Multimedia and graphic talent in bucks. Hot sounds and cool designs.

Chris Hickman's animating skills attracted Big Idea Productions, the creators of Veggietales to give him a job. They recruited him to work on their first full length feature film, Jonah. Little did they know he is the most evil man alive.


3d guru...multimedia wiz...what can't Sean do?????

The place to go for all your sweet chocolate needs.
Brandy :: I had the fortunate opportunity to work from Brandys personal modeling portfolio. Dark,unique and very inspirational. You need  to check out her beautiful site.
 Where you've seen her:  As the 'Hot Listener' and Web girl for syndicated radio personality Mancow Muller, a spokesmodel for Airgun Paintball and an erotic fantasy pin-up girl. Veronika's passion for artistic expression has led her into fashion design with an avante-garde flair using nontradional materials such as metal and feathers. With a focus on fantasy and fetish wear, her designs are custom-tailored for a completely unique look and have been worn by Playmates and rock stars.

Echo Gallery, a 2400 sq. ft. Tuscan inspired gallery, was built from scratch with the idea of visually affecting its visitors. The interior, designed by co-owners Derek and Veronika, is unusual in it's departure from the banal "white wall, hardwood floor, and track lighting" approach to displaying artwork which instead forces a visceral feeling, and subsequently creates a mood found in some forward thinking galleries in Europe.  The daring artistic creation has been heralded by the art, design, and collegian community here in Chicago. Echo Gallery. 


Pure fan-boy geek heaven. The best movie and TV news on the web.

Fat Babies

Video game industry gossip.


One of the best musical talents out there.


ZLURP! my favorite audio encoder!!!

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